Create An Inclusive Work Environment

Rekry Redefined gives employers that are ready to look beyond disability and health conditions to bridge skill gaps in their organization access to a pool of skilled talent.

Create A Vacancy

  • Find candidates with the right skills Set

  • Hire on a permanent or temporary basis

  • Minimize costs by eliminating the middleman

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Why Should You Hire People Living with Disabilities?

  • Lower Your Expenses

    Covering visa and travel expenses for workers can be expensive. However, our talent is locally available, minimizing your hiring costs.

  • Maintain High Employee Retention Rates

    People living with disabilities and health conditions are more loyal. As a result, you can look forward to hiring dedicated employees and maintaining your employee retention rates.

  • Get Natural Problem Solvers on Your Team

    People with disabilities and health conditions are born problem solvers who invest most of their time overcoming challenges. As a result, they can quickly solve problems and work efficiently with little to no supervision.

  • Eliminate Language Barriers

    Learning Finnish is one of the biggest obstacles in the job market. As most people with disabilities and those with health conditions speak Finnish, you will never have to worry about communication.

  • Keep Your Organization Inclusive

    By overlooking disability and giving people with disabilities and health conditions job opportunities; you will promote equality and inclusivity among your employees.

Need Help with The Hiring Process?

From finding the right candidate to simplifying on boarding, our team can help you streamline your entire hiring process.

Ready To Find the Ideal Candidate?

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